Yesterday (Dec 29, 2016) was about the halfway mark on my initial N=1 experiment spending four weeks of eating a fully ketogenic diet & monitoring my ketone and glucose levels daily. Up to that point, my morning blood ketones had been averaging 1.14 and my morning blood glucose had been averaging 118.1.  I’m pretty pleased with my blood ketone level, it had been above 1.0 mmol from the start and stayed above 1.0 mmol with only two dips (both at least 0.5 mmol). My morning fasting blood glucose is a little more puzzling to me.

Prior to starting the period I had already been eating a LCHF diet for about 2 months and expected that my morning glucose levels would be in a more normal (sub 80) range. I also had a Quest lab done in September 2016 (before I started eating LCHF) that showed a fasting glucose of 88.

Testing yesterday morning, I was really surprised to find my ketones far below average and my glucose far above average. I’m working from home this week which makes testing much easier, and I just got a fresh order of blood glucose test strips, so I figured it would be a good time to run a test to see how my levels changed over the course of a typical day.

Here are my readings and consumption:

7:59 AM – Blood Tests: Ketones 0.7 mmol Glucose 131

8:15 AM – Amp the Ketones: Bulletproof Coffee with 3 Tbsp Kerrygold Butter & 3 Tbsp Brain Octane

10:32 AM – Blood Tests: Ketones 1.5 mmol Glucose 109

8:15 AM – I do love coffee: Coffee with 5oz Heavy Cream

2:36 PM – Blood Tests: Ketones 2.2 mmol Glucose 93

2:45 PM – Break the fast: Six Slices of bacon, 3 eggs cooked in bacon fat

3:19 PM – Blood Tests: Ketones 2.3 mmol Glucose 112

7:15 PM – Blood Tests: Ketones 0.9 mmol Glucose 106

7:30 PM – Dinner Bell: 5oz Standing Rib Roast

9:46 PM – Blood Tests: Ketones 1.2 mmol Glucose 91

9:55 AM – I do love coffee: Decaf Coffee with 5oz Heavy Cream

11:01 PM – Blood Tests: Ketones 1.5 mmol Glucose 121

I was really pleased to see that my blood ketones spiked shortly after my Bulletproof Coffee. By the end of the day I had logged 5 blood ketone readings, each higher than my morning reading.  I was also glad to see that my blood glucose didn’t seem to spike much after my meals.

Along the course of the day I started thinking more about my intake and wanting to track my macro-nutrient levels. I put together the following food log:

[table caption=”Daily Food Log” width=”500″ colwidth=”50|50|50|50″ colalign=”left|left|left|left”]
MCT Oil,42g,0g,0g
Heavy Cream,54g,0g,12g
Standing Rib Roast,37g,30g,0g
Winter Blend w/ butter,12g,0g,4g
DAILY TOTALS,217g,69g,18g

I was really pleased to see that my daily caloric composition was  86% from fat, 11% from protein, and 3% from carbs. To the best of my recollection, this food log is representative of a typical day. But recollection isn’t the strongest of tools, so I have decided to bite the bullet and start keeping a daily food journal. I think I’m going to go with FitBit and am working on finding some way to tie the results into the site.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my experiment and results comments section below. And if you are also testing your blood ketones, please let me know how it has gone for you.